About Bay Area Plastic Fabrication

Bay Area Plastic Fabrication is a full-service Plastic Fabrication and Machine Shop in Fremont, CA.

 We work with all plastics and several metals. Hi, my name is Jeff, the Bay Area Plastic Fabrication owner located in Fremont, California. Our service area includes the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
From the day we started in business, our focus was on high-quality plastic fabrication and CNC machining. Bay Area Plastic Fabrication’s manufacturing capabilities are second to none. Our company has grown strong, and we presently employ a well-trained staff. Our senior journeymen machinists and talented fabricators have decades of CNC programming and operating experience.
Bay Area Plastic Fabrication custom fabricates precision plastic components for various customers in nearly every industry. Including the medical, Biotech, instrumentation, industrial, and semiconductor industries. Our capabilities include designing and manufacturing custom laboratory equipment, store fixtures, point-of-purchase displays, architectural signage, and client-designed projects for interior and industrial designers.
We routinely produce precision manufactured plastic and soft metal parts, especially those considered the most difficult to machine. Bay Area Plastic Fabrication’s plastic fabrication process often includes CNC plastic machining, milling, lathe turning, annealing, heat bending, and plastic polishing techniques like flame polishing, vapor polishing, and mechanical buffing. In addition, We also work with quality partners to provide secondary processes such as finishing and decorating methods that include painting, screen-printing, and anodizing.
Bay Area Plastic Fabrication provides complete prototyping services, including computer-aided design and machining assistance, cost-effective prototype machining services, complete in-house CNC programming, and fast prototype delivery.
There are many Plastic Fabricators, and there are many Machine Shops. However, very few companies combine both services and offer our degree of quality and on-time delivery. Our Quality Control department is stringent and thorough, allowing us to guarantee our clients the very best manufacturing of their products. Additionally, because on-time delivery is crucial to almost every project, we aim to deliver every job earlier than our promised due date.