A fabricated custom plastic wireless AC DC Power Clamp that was extended for tight AC/Furnace compartments

Plastic Tool Fabrication

This is a plastic fabrication case study for a custom clamp extension for a wireless AC/DC power meter used in the HVAC maintenance industry.

Wireless AC/DC Power meter for diagnosing air conditioning and furnace systems in San Ramon, CA.

Extending A Wireless AC/DC Power Clamp Meter For HVAC Maintenance Efficiency

AC Repair San Ramon is a well-known HVAC maintenance company in San Ramon, California. The owner, Pat, encountered a problem while testing an outdoor heat pump. His electrical meter needed to be longer to reach the wires in a confined space, making the diagnostic process difficult. He contacted our custom plastic fabrication shop to resolve the issue and asked if we could extend the clamp length.

After measuring the original clamp, our engineering department devised an ingenious method to extend Pat's voltage meter. We decided to create a one-time metal mold that we would machine to the exact specs of the new extended clamp and then pour a durable PVC liquid plastic into the mold, creating the new clamp head.

As you can see by the before and after photos, our new clamp head came out flawlessly. Pat was ecstatic at the results. After testing the new meter in the field, Pat said it worked beyond his expectations.

In conclusion, Pat from AC Repair San Ramon faced a challenging problem that couldn't be resolved with the diagnostic tools available on the market. The confined spaces inside AC systems added an extra layer of complexity to the situation. However, our custom fabrication methods proved advantageous, allowing Pat to perform air conditioning repair and heating repair diagnostics more efficiently. The product we provided exceeded their expectations, and we're proud to have contributed to Pat's competitive edge by solving a problem that previously lacked an effective solution.


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