Camera housing fabricated from acrylic plastic

Plastic Fabrication Company

Case study of a mobile surveillance camera housing that is fabricated from ABS and acrylic.

Bay Area Plastic fabrication company employee setting up an ABS plastic CNC machining job

Bay Area Plastic Fabrication company builds a security system for clients who produce security systems for construction sites. They asked us to develop a mobile surveillance camera housing installed on temporary job sites. We designed this product using CNC milling, plastic casting, vacuum forming, and assembly.

We began with all the housing features being machined from ABS plastic. We additionally milled all the holes and slots. We contracted an outside source to create a fully thermo-formed 360-degree dome around the camera.

Finally, we were able to assemble all of our parts and create a finished product. We assembled everything with solvent bonding and basic plastic fabrication techniques. We managed to manufacture a 10.25-inch-by-5.625-inch-by-5.625-inch housing meeting a (±) .010-inch tolerance. We painted this unit silver for aesthetic purposes.

Based on a customer-provided 3D CAD drawing, Bay Area Plastic Fabrication built a mobile surveillance housing for the construction industry. Made with versatile interior fittings, stand-offs, and brackets, this surveillance housing is built to exact specifications.

The unit's mobility allowed for various on-site video and still camera surveillance. Our client was impressed by our product's quality and delivery speed, so they purchased additional units for their own surveillance needs.