Custom Plastic Replacement Part for a Chamberlain garage door opener Helical Gear Top Hat Assembly.

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Case study of a stripped gear for a garage door opener part fabricated in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Same Day Garage Door Repair, located in Walnut Creek, California, is a highly regarded garage door repair business. When owner Larry encountered a problem repairing an older Chamberlain opener with a stripped-out gear, a common occurrence in his profession, he realized the replacement part was no longer available. Thus, Larry reached out to our custom plastic fabrication shop to inquire if we could manufacture the stripped gear.

Our team of experienced machinists took on the challenge. We harnessed our extensive expertise to craft a Helical Gear for a Top Hat Assembly that was an exact replica of the original part but with superior, long-lasting material. Our plastic of choice was a sturdy nylon, surpassing the durability of the original part, ensuring this replacement would provide a permanent solution for Larry's customer.

Our plastic parts fabrication shop is not just about producing a part that fits but one that exceeds expectations. Our team meticulously ensured the Helical Gear for the Top Hat Assembly surpassed industry standards for quality and longevity. We are proud to have assisted Larry, and his customer, in getting their garage door operational once more and adding another triumph to our portfolio of custom-made plastic parts.

Our team is unrivaled in quality and efficiency in custom plastic fabrication. Our wealth of experience and mastery allows us to tackle even the most complicated projects and deliver plastic parts that work and last longer than the original parts. Our devotion to producing superior parts is evident in every project we undertake, from start to finish, utilizing cutting-edge CNC technology and materials to create cost-effective and durable parts.

In conclusion, Larry and Same Day Garage Door Repair took the extra steps to get their customer's door opener working and save them money by not having to purchase a whole new unit. Our team provided a service that exceeded his expectations, and we take pride in playing a role in Larry's excellent service.


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